Zoey – Adopted

Zoey - Medium Aussiedoodle

$4,900 after completion of Level 1 training

Medium Aussiedoodle





Ready By 03/31/2022

Zoey is a F1 Aussiedoodle. Her mom is a Standard Poodle weighing 40lbs, and her dad is an Australian Shepherd weighing 55 lbs. Zoey should be standard size maturing around 50lbs.

Zoey is low shedding, and she would be a great puppy for an active family. She loves playing outside and walking on a leash in the evenings. She is very affectionate, loves cuddles and kisses, and to be around people. Zoey could definitely make a great companion dog.

Zoey has been around children and other dogs too. Zoey settles on commands, so she knows how to behave when it is time to chill inside the home. She has a layback personality, often opting for puppy naps instead of playing fetch.

Zoey does very well during obedience training sessions. She has already learned some basic commands such as come, sit, down and stay. She is also doing fantastic with potty training.

Zoey is not a big fan of the crate, but she still goes inside every night and sleeps from 11 pm – 7 am with no accidents.

Zoey will make an excellent addition to any family looking for a calm puppy.

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