Tux – Adopted

Tux - Standard Goldendoodle

$4,900 after completion of training - Level 1.





Level 2


Tux is a first-generation (F1) Goldendoodle. Her mom is a Golden retriever, weighing 64 lbs, and her dad is a standard white poodle weighing 70 lbs.

Tux mastered obedience training commands: come, sit, down, stand, and no. He has also been introduced to the leash and started to learn the heel command. He rings the bell to go outside, and he is crate trained during the night.

Tux is a smart boy with a sweet personality looking for his forever home.

Tux loves:

  • Kisses and cuddles
  • Food
  • Play with Tupperware and tug war ropes
  • Run in the backyard interacting with his littermates.
  • Air conditioning 🙂
  1. Completed Level 1– click here to view
  2. Complete Level 2 – click here to view

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