Theo – Adopted

Theo - Bernedooodle

$5,500 after completion of Level 1 training

Mini Bernedoodle





Ready By 06/01/2022

Theo is a little fur ball of energy. Even though he loves playing with the other pups, he loves, even more, the attention of any human that walks by him. He is our social butterfly.

He settles well inside his crate throughout the night, and he understands that inside of the home is a relaxing time.

He likes splashing in the pool and cooling off. Theo is a good swimmer.

He is an F2B generation which means; around 60% Poodle and 40% Bernese Mountain Dog. He does not shed, so he is perfect for families with allergies. He gets along well with kids and other dogs.

He needs daily brushing to avoid matting. If you ensure to give him lots of kisses and pup talk while brushing him, he might still be for a few minutes so that you can be through.

Theo should mature around 35lbs.

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