Ellie – Adopted


Ellie has found a home!

Ellie is an F1B, female Goldendoodle. Her mom is a medium F1 Goldendoodle, weighing 47 lbs, and her dad is a standard white poodle weighing 70 lbs.

Ellie doesn’t shed. Families with allergies looking for a hypoallergenic puppy could be a great home for her.

Ellie is playful, intelligent, and she thrives around people. She loves all the cuddles and attention that she can get. Ellie has mastered the obedience commands, and she has great potential to become an ESA dog.

Ellie, goldendoodle





Level 1


Ellie's Pictures

8 weeks

9 weeks

10 weeks

Ellie, goldendoodle

11 weeks

Ellie, goldendoodle

12 weeks

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