Pepper – Adopted

Pepper - Medium Goldendoodle


Medium Goldendoodle




Level 2

Ready By 12/27/2021

Pepper is a F1B Goldendoodle. Her mom is a cream English Goldendoodle with a beautiful layback personality. Her dad is a black poodle descendent from the Canan Poodle bloodline. Both parents are genetically health tested and cleared. Pepper should mature around 55-60Lbs.

Pepper has very low shedding, and she would be a great puppy for a family with allergies. She can make a great companion dog once she is very affectionate, loves cuddles and kisses, and to be around people.

Pepper has a spunkier and confident personality. She is very playful and loves playing outside, running around in the backyard, and interacting with some of the bigger dogs. She is not afraid to bark back to put them into their place.

Pepper LOVES food, and she learned how to sit on her first day of training.

Pepper can be a bit of a jumper, and she still nips once in a while. However, she understands her commands such as OFF and GENTLE to stop the unwanted behaviors.

Pepper does not like car rides. She usually does not feel well inside the car after a few minutes, so her best days are when she goes out for walks or runs.

Pepper has excellent potential to become an ESA dog. She settles promptly on command and allows to be touched and petted as one pleases.

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