Oli – Adopted

Oli - Poodle Mix

$4,500 - Level 2 completed

Poodle Mix

Chocolate Phantom





Oli is a poodle mix. His mom is a chocolate poodle, weighing 25 lbs, and his dad is a mix of several breeds weighing 30 lbs. Oli should mature around 43lbs, and he is clear of any genetic diseases.

Oli does not shed, and he could be a great puppy for a family with allergies. Oli can make a great companion dog once he is very affectionate and loves being around people.

Oli is full of personality! He loves to play, and he gets easily distracted when he sees toys, food, or new people. He loves to receive hugs, and he does not mind being carried and squeezed like a teddy bear.

Oli is potty trained, rings the bell to go outside, and does not need to be created during the night anymore. He understands the basic obedience commands: come, sit, down, stay, no, leave it, off, quiet, and settle.

Oli does not do very well in the car for long car rides. He is still a puppy, so we are working to build his tolerance to car rides.

Oli would benefit a lot from a playmate so he can wear off his puppy energy. He does well with kids and other dogs. He has not been introduced to cats.

Oli is an ESA dog.

Advanced Skills

We are still working on distractions and loose leash walk


Fully Potty Trained


Waits at the door


Settles for longer period of time




Proficientin Obedience Commands - Inside The Home



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