Emi – Adopted

Emi - Standard Goldendoodle

$4,900 after completion of training - Level 1.





Level 2


Emi is a first-generation (F1) Goldendoodle. Her mom is a Golden retriever, weighing 64 lbs, and her dad is a standard white poodle weighing 70 lbs.

Emi will not shed much once the sire is a poodle; so, she might be an option for someone who loves the Golden Retriever personality but does not want to deal with shedding and house vacuuming.

She was being trained to go to a family with an autistic child, so she has been desensitized to the house’s loud noises. She is ready to come and comfort you when she sees you sad or hears you crying.

She loves food and getting special treats. Emi has a layback personality, and one of her favorite past times is taking endless naps during the day under the cold AC.

Emi has been introduced to children and dogs, and she has completed level 1 & 2 obedience training.

  1. Completed Level 1 – click here to view.
  2. Completed Level 2- click here to view.

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