Bess – Adopted

Bess - Medium Goldendoodle

$4,900 after completion of Level 1 training

Medium Goldendoodle




Level 1

Ready By 01/18/2022

Bess is a F2 Goldendoodle. Her mom is an F1 Goldendoodle weighing 59 lbs, and her dad is an F1B Goldendoodle weighing 58lbs. Both parents are genetically health tested and cleared. Bess will be standard size maturing 60lbs.

Bess has a fantastic temperament! She is calm and loves to sleep close by her favorite human. She can make a great companion dog once she is very mellow, affectionate, loves cuddles and kisses, and to be around people.

Bess has a confident personality, and sometimes she uses her barking to tell the other dogs to leave her alone. She loves playing outside, running around in the backyard to wear off some energy. She does well with other dogs and kids.

Bess is food motivated and does well in obedience training.

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